Research Paper Writing Guidelines

Paper writing requires much planning and organization to successfully compose. There are many steps that students take that bog them down with writing their work, and make them inefficient. There are some good steps to take to make yourself more efficient in writing your paper, and that will increase your results. Here are some efficient writing guidelines to consider.

College student working on her term paper
College student working on her term paper

Choosing A Topic

It is important that you choose the right topic to talk about in your paper. You need to choose a topic that has a wide range of literature, so you can use various sources in your work. This makes it easier to analyze and talk about the various viewpoints and the current state of your topic. What makes students so inefficient at times is the fact that they choose a topic that has sparse information and they can then spend hours upon hours to find adequate information about it. Many students ask yourself “Who can write my research paper for me fast and cheap”?

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting what topic to write about, is the fact that you should choose something that genuinely interests you, and that you are passionate about it. If you choose a topic for the sake of writing a paper on it then this will very likely reflect in your writing, and you will become demotivated leading to more inefficiencies while composing your paper.


Conducting adequate and efficient research is what many students fail at when writing their paper. Most students are not aware of the best sources to use, and as such spend a considerably long time trying to find the best sources to use in their essay or decide to pay a writing service to complete a custom assignment for them.

The key to conducting efficient research is to make use of many of the resources your school/university give you. For example, visit your university’s library and take out books pertaining to the topic you will be writing on. These books will have a plethora of information that will be relevant to your topic. Another tactic you could use is to take advantage of the Internet. You need to be up to date with the latest literature regarding your subject, and the best place to find it is on the Internet.


Following a set structure will make it easier for you to write your work, and will make it easier to follow your writing as a result. The structure for your essay should be as follows:

  • Introduction: This is the opening paragraph of your paper. You should ensure that the audience is made aware what you will be talking about during the course of your work. It should not be too in depth but rather should give your reader a summary of what is to come.
  • Main Body: Here are the vital paragraphs to your work. In this section you will discuss all the information you have gathered and analyze it. You have to make sure to carefully discuss each piece of information you decide to put into your work. When analyzing you need to answer questions such as:
    1. Why is this important?
    2. What are the consequences of this?
    3. Where the methods used to gain these results rigorous?

    Another important point you need to keep in mind is that you need to analyze opposing views to your own. This is a crucial aspect of this type of writing that many students forego.

  • Conclusion: This is a brief summarization of everything you have discussed in your work.

As you can see there are many guidelines you can utilize to make your paper writing more efficient. We hope that you can follow these tips to make your writing more efficient and to save you more time. A trusted dissertation service can also come in handy.