A Comprehensive Guide To Creating An Essay About Fairy-Tales

Fairy tales transport readers to a magical, faraway place where the impossible becomes reality. Tales of evil spirits and fairies, handsome princes and beautiful princesses, noble kings and queens, haunted castles and quaint cottages manage to stimulate the deepest aspects of our imagination. They inspire us and inculcate us with good morals and serve as a link to the innocence of childhood. It is no wonder therefore, that when writing an essay about fairy tales, you have to narrow your focus and choose an aspect of this genre that appeal to you and your readers.

Connection to Childhood

  • Fairy tales appeal to the inner child in all of us. Since many of us read or were told fairy tales as kids, they serve to stimulate our memory and reinforce our sense of morality.
  • Fairy tales serve as a reminder that love is one of the strongest motivating factors in the world.
  • Moreover, in the constant tussle between good and evil, the former will always triumph over the latter.
  • When you write a paper on this topic, it is important to capture this sense of wonder and innocence and, at the same time, maintain an adult perspective to the issue.

Focus on Inner Beauty

On a superficial level, fairy tales might seem like a nicely-written story but when you delve deeper, you will find that many of them concentrate on the subject of inner beauty. Tales like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling all show how individuals with no external sense of beauty manage to find happiness and content. This is both inspiring and beautiful and can serve as the perfect topic of choice for your essay.

Parents in Fairy Tales

The parents of the main characters in fairy tales can serve as fodder for your paper in the most innovative way. There are good parents and bad, evil stepmothers and wicked stepfathers. It helps you think about the role of a parental figure in fairy tales. When you think about it, it begs the question do these characters appear as they are or embody something deeper and more significant.

Fairy Tales in the Modern World

The trend of fairy tales has not reduced in modern times. On the contrary, the success of series like Shrek and Harry Potter showcase their lasting sense of appeal and the way they are capable of charming the children of today. You can explore just how fairy tales have transformed to fit the modern sensibilities in your paper.