25 Sample Topics For A Law Argumentative Essay On The Death Penalty

Do you need to complete a law argumentative essay on the death penalty, but have yet to figure out the right title? Then here are 25 topics that you can start with on your next law argumentative essay:

  1. What laws should be changed due to the rise of online bullying?
  2. What are the top 5 outdated laws in 2016?
  3. What are the most underused laws that should be given some focus?
  4. Give a case of how the law was misused by the authorities
  5. Give the most influential law case of the last decade
  6. How can we improve our understanding of the law so that the average person can understand it better
  7. At what point should an individual bring the law into their own hands?
  8. Are there instances where outlaws should be allowed to do what they do?
  9. Give examples of different laws that are easy to corrupt?
  10. By type of people should be put in charge of operating the law?
  11. How can we improve our awareness of the different laws that we have to abide by?
  12. What can be done to help improve our understanding of online laws that cannot be broken?
  13. What 3 key law changes have been made in the last year?
  14. Are the laws related to abortion the right thing for humanity?
  15. Do abortion laws allow enough freedom for the individual to make their choice?
  16. What are the abortion laws that should be changed to allow more freedom?
  17. Are the gun control laws as tight as they could be right now?
  18. What can be done to ensure that you have understood the revenant laws correctly?
  19. How can the law be changed to avoid not guilty people going to prison?
  20. How can guilty prisoners be avoided in the future?
  21. Should there be a law released to decrease the legal driving age?
  22. Should the law allow children to buy fireworks?
  23. Should the law allow drivers to use their phones while driving?
  24. What can be done with the law so that an increasing number of people avoid accidents?
  25. The law too harsh on the poor?

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