5 Effective Visual Argument Analysis Essay Writing Techniques

Traditional methods for writing analysis essays are being overrun by the visual argument. The use of multimedia is quickly becoming the preferred way of effectively delivering information to broader audiences. Still, many students are being taught the traditional methods and are often left in the dark when it comes to creating visual argument analysis essay assignments. The following are five effective techniques for writing great essays in this style:

  1. Think Outside the Box. Be Creative.
  2. Writing a visual argument analysis essay should be fun. You are given an open canvass to express your creativity in a number of ways. Spend time exploring different methods for delivering the information you have found through your research, and identify the one that appeals to your personality the most. The more outside your thinking may be the more likely it will be memorable to others.

  3. Consider a Broader Audience.
  4. Too many students get bogged down with traditional essay writing techniques that they don’t consider the broader audience. You aren’t writing a visual argument essay for just your instructor to read; you want to write your visual argument for your classroom, your department, your discipline, and the public. The further back you zoom out the easier it will be to form your discussion points for the majority.

  5. Incorporate Familiar Examples.
  6. Making a connection is extremely important when it comes to creating a great visual argument analysis essay. And if you have ever watched a television ad or internet video then you should know that incorporating familiar examples is a great way to achieve a connection with the viewer. Incorporate anecdotes, humor, references to things that are broadly familiar to most people. This will make delivering difficult information much easier.

  7. Develop a Personal Essay Script.
  8. You may or may not be asked to present your essay before your class or a general audience. But you should write as though you were. Reading a paper is much different experience than having it read to you. And when someone is simply reading text they don’t appreciate the audience’s need for personal attention. Write your essay as though you were delivering a speech. Keep it light as if you were simply summarizing your ideas to someone in an elevator.

  9. Use Several Multimedia Platforms.
  10. Finally, remember that different people have different preferences when it comes to learning new information. Some people like videos, while others like to hear the information set to a catchy tune or jingle. Use different multimedia platforms to deliver your visual argument analysis essay and you’ll make a stronger connection with your audience every time.