Gun Control Essay: Brilliant How-to Guide

Gun control does not decrease gun ownership by criminals but instead reduces their incentives to refrain from violence because it decreases the supply of armed law-abiding citizens who might resist them. – John McGinnis

Gun control is a topic that becomes more and more discussible over a certain period. The tragic incidents prove that some individuals must not have access to the gun. Yet, being without the defense is not right either.

There are several gun-type essays:

  • A descriptive essay focuses on how the discussed topic influences the individual.
  • A definition gun control essay is an expanded version of a dictionary article.
  • Compare and contrast gun essay describes the differences between anti-gun and pro-gun control.
  • Cause and effect gun control essay explain a particular gun control-related effect and its cause.
  • The narrative essay on gun control is about the general experience of gun control.
  • Process gun control essay is focused on how to solve a certain problem.
  • The argumentative gun control essay needs to analyze the writer’s point in an evidence-based manner.
  • Critical essay on gun control outlines the strongest and weakest points on gun control policy.
  • The expository gun control essay presents the problem in regards to the current control debate.
  • Persuasive gun control essay is focused on the major arguments and other oppressive opinions.

The federal government keeps on never-ending discussions concerning gun control. The European nations that ban guns have a decreased level of homicide. In Canada, there is a law that states that all guns are to be registered, enforced control, banned certain types of guns that also decreased the criminal rate. In Japan and Great Britain, gun violence is reduced by contrast monitoring.

If you are to write a gun and control paper, there is a need to understand that gun control does not mean taking guns at all. The law or system of laws that bans the use of a definite type of guns and puts restrictions on the ones who have a right to buy guns. It should be emphasized that the person will have an opportunity to protect themselves from violence, still, the type of gun will be changed for more moderate. 

The audience should be aware that the appropriate opinion with the right arguments and evidence in the form of statistics, interview, survey etc. will be of great value. 

Likewise, in pro-gun papers, there is a need to describe that more guns cause an increased rate of violence. It may be additionally stated that it is necessary to stop the wrong people from having guns and to revise the Second Amendment to prevent human tragedies.

In anti-gun control papers, the focus is on the explanation of how gun control is not the answer, but education is. The major impact on gun culture marketing has cartoons and subliminal mass media control. 

The gun paper must be capturing, specific and thoroughly planned. The major step is to gather the appropriate information. 

In the introduction, you may state that for example, during the last 5 years the level of gun violence has increased significantly.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay: Best Tips and Tricks

A synthesis essay

There are several types of synthesis essays. Synthesis represents the combination of separate elements or substances to form a coherent whole. The process of developing the synthesis essay is to research, assemble ideas from various sources and develop your idea or thesis according to these references.

Types of synthesis essay

An argument synthesis presents the thesis statement with the writer’s point of view. It deals with the organizing of relevant information logically gathered from research. The review synthesis is a preliminary essay to an argumentative synthesis and represents a discussion of what has been previously on a topic. The explanatory (background) synthesis explains a topic by categorizing facts mostly for business statements.

The synthesis essay is used in investigating documents to study theoretical issues. Thus, the research papers analyze certain thesis and provide a logical plan. 

The draft of a synthesis essay

First, select the appropriate topic. Take preliminary research and outline the major goals of an essay. Select the highly ranked resources, journals and bibliographies and follow the advice of the corresponding mentors.

For example:

Introduction paragraph:

  1. Hook
  2. Overview of the issue you will be discussing
  3. Thesis statement

Body paragraph:

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Explanation and opinion of the topic structure
  3. Evidence and examples
  4. Explanation of the significance of the source(s)

Conclusion paragraph:

  1. Explain the significance of the topic from the evidence elaborated
  2. A profound ending for your paper

Developing the essay concept

The introduction of an essay is most commonly in the form of one paragraph. The introduction sentence has the role of a hook to initialize the first impression.

The main body consists of 3-4 paragraphs each describing a new thought. The conclusion is written as one paragraph with the summarization of the entire writing task.

In this type of essay, it is vital to implement a creative structure to describe the thesis. Insert a lot of examples, illustrations, comparisons and contrasts. Make sure that each paragraph begins with a clear topic sentence to focus on the main idea. Add quotations, facts, or opinions of your sources in case of lacking scientific evidence.

Polishing the essay

The thesis should be thoroughly researched and backed up with scientific data. Check and evaluate each scientific source and their impact factor. Use simple language so the audience may understand correctly.

This kind of essay should be written in the third person using ‘’he’’, ‘’she’’, ‘’it’’. Apply transitions in between paragraphs to have the natural flow of the text. Write summaries of each fable and one sentence to connect your two summaries.

Before any submission, review, edit and proofread the essay. Proofread for grammar, mechanics, punctuation, word choice, or typographical errors. One of the advice is to read the essay out loud or invite classmates or mentors to proofread.

Overall, a synthesis essay combines three or more sources in support of a writer’s central argument.

How to Make an Essay Longer

‘’There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’’ – Ernest Hemingway


The word count of an essay or its length is of great importance. Every highly-ranked college requires a qualitative research paper. Thus, the essay structure, size, topics need to be thoroughly followed. To put it simply, a sentence of an essay is a set of words that contain a subject and a predicate. While the subject describes what the sentence is about, a predicate explains what is said about the subject.

A paragraph is a collection of connected sentences. The clincher is the last sentence of the paragraph. A paragraph has several parts; the topic sentence, supporting ideas, sentences in the paragraph that explain the topic sentence. It is recommended that the paragraph has at least three supporting ideas.

The essay draft

An essay is a piece of writing long enough to cover many topics and present a different point of views. It is not recommended to write an essay in the first person (I and me).

First, define a topic to write about, then brainstorm ideas onto paper. Next, organize notes from the previous brainstorm and jot down the first draft of the essay. Add certain changes if necessary and write the second draft.

The length of an essay

There are several ways on how to write a longer essay. The main guide is the ideas in the essay. The other essay parts are to explain those ideas. In certain cases, added research will add a lot more information. Such research is necessary to support the evidence in regards to the main objectives of an essay. 

‘’Whenever we read a sentence and like it, we unconsciously store it away in our model-chamber, and it goes with the myriad of it fellows, to the building, brick by brick, of the eventual edifice which we call our style.’’ – Mark Twain

The standardized formatting recommendations are APA using Times New Roman pt 12 with spacing at double space. Apply standard A4 white paper 21cm x 25 cm with margins at 2.5 cm all sides.

For in-text citations write the author’s last name and year of publication. In the case of quotes, separate lines are indented and follow short quotes. In the case of short quotes, place the author’s last name and year of publication. The authors’ names are inverted – use last name and first names’ as initials. 

The reference list entries should be alphabetized by the last name of the first author of each article. In case of multiple articles by the same author, list the entries in chronological order, from earliest to most recent and write the title of the journal in full. In the case of books, chapters, web pages try to capitalize only the first letter of the first word of a title and subtitle.

The use of phrases

The use of phrases or words to transition ideas is highly appreciated. The following academic phrases are recommended: in light of, of course, demonstrating that, therefore, in conclusion, likewise, equally, however, whereas, despite all this, this illustrates that, as a matter of fact, etc.

The conclusion

Before submitting an essay, involve colleagues and teachers to provide feedback. Afterwards, if no additional readjustments are needed, hand in the final paper.

The conclusion of an essay is often necessary to summarize the thesis and the main points of the entire essay.

Excellent Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay is one type of essay that students will come across during their academic career. What is persuasive essay? For those that are not aware; it is an essay in which you are expected to present your own line of arguments.

Each student is expected to choose a topic and stand by their line of argument in a convincing manner. The language of expression should be simple and clear to understand. The inputs of hard facts are the major ingredients needed to proof each student’s point of view which will ultimately lead to the needed high grades.

Your Topic

If you are to sound convincing enough in your defense of any topic; it should go deeper beyond mere academic research. Where the topic of your choice is influenced by your ability to gather evidence through research materials to produce your essay; you are not going to move beyond the level of an academic exercise.

The topic that will bring the best out of you in persuasive essay should be the one that you are naturally in love with. When you are playing around with probable topics; make sure you are choosing the topic that you have passion for. It should be a topic that you will not be tired of writing about. When students choose such topics; they will be in pole position to give the very best that will put them ahead of their colleagues in any competition.

Your teacher might give you some guidelines on how to go about choosing the topic that you are going to write on. In that case; the burden on the student will be reduced and it will be easy to get along with the business of writing the easy. But in the event that the Instructor gives the student the free reign; then you have to come up with a topic of  your own which will give you enough points to argue on.

Be Organized

There is a wide space to roam in when searching for the best topic that will suite your purpose.  Think about the areas of your love before you go in search of the suitable topic. If it is educational topic; then stick within that domain. Other areas of interests might include: Political; Crime and Legal; Health and Women and Gender. If you have no flair for any of the areas mentioned above; then your interest might fall under miscellaneous topic.

A student that wants the best persuasive essay topic must be ready to choose a particular notch and remain focused on it in the search for the best topic that will bring out the argumentative easy which you are going to be proud of. This approach will narrow down the scope and produce the desired topic in record time without much delay.

If you cannot do it on your own, you have several sources online that will be of help. You will get the topics according to their genres and it is left for any student to pick the topic that will bring the best argumentative points in their favor.

Final Take 

In whatever way you choose to come about the topic for your argumentative essay; it should be one that you have love and passion for.

Choosing Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Students are faced with compare and contrast essay topics during their days in school before their graduation. A compare and contrast essay involves two subjects and the student is expected to compare and contrast the two subjects in a way that will bring out the similarities as well as the differences between the two subjects.

The two subjects should have something in common to be able to carry out an effective analysis between them. The key point here is to bring together two subjects which you can effectively compare and contrast together. The similarity should be such that it will be easy to compare both subjects.

The two subjects should be closely related to each other. For example; if the choice is a topic under law; the subjects to be compared can go thus: Juvenile and adult criminal justice. In this case; it will be easy to bring out the similarities and differences between the two.

It must be said here that students should choose subjects in which they are comfortable. Choosing a compare and contrast topic that you have flair for will make the job of research essay and full of fun. Students will not be tired writing about such topics and it will be pretty easy to excel through the topic.

The subjects that you choose are expected to be different from each other but they are to be in the same category. Their differences must not go beyond comparison and you are expected to carry out thorough research that will help in bringing out the similarities as well as the differences between the two of them. A good compare and contrast easy should be one that will educate the readers.

Coming to the writing of the essay; students are expected to make a very strong point in their introduction in which they are to educate their readers on the importance of carrying out the comparison. This is the point where the curiosity of the readers will be aroused. The objective of the introduction is to help your readers understand the reason why the comparison between the two subjects is necessary. A poor introduction is a foundation for poor grades.

The language used in the comparison is very important. Do not allow your preferences to blur the point that you are making. Your preference for one subject over the other should be allowed to come out through your narratives.

Getting the right topic for comparison might be a problem for several students. You are advised not to choose a narrow topic that will pose problems of research. The topic should be broad and more importantly, every student should choose a topic that they have the natural flair for.

If you are at a loss at the right topic to choose for your compare and contrast essay; then you can go online to get topics that are carefully put together by the experts. It will be pretty easy to pick one up and apply the tricks that we have shared above to get the results that will give you high grades of your dreams.

Essay Topics And Ideas

Students cannot do without writing essays during their days in high school or college. The greatest challenge for students when they want to write essays is getting the right topicfor their essay. It is customary for students to attempt writing on the topic that they have flair for or on a topic that they loved.

There is no singular answer to the question on choosing the best topic, but we are going to talk about filters that students can use to get the best topics that will give them the much desired higher grades in their essays.

First, you have to know the type of essay that you are expected to write before you go on to think about the topic. With certain topics; students find it easy to develop and write their essays. If a student is to write an excellent college admission essay, the student is expected to write in a way that will project the best character. This should be perfectly done if the admission to the first choice university is to be sealed.

Category Of Essay Topics 

A student should as a matter of must fit into a category if the best results ever are to be achieved at the end of every essay. Different essay styles are available and they can be broken down into four major groups as described below:

Narrative Writing Group: This is not popular yet a factor in essay writing. Students are expected to tell a story in chronological order. The explanation of the process is expected to be in a defined order.

Descriptive Group: This type of essay will require the student to go into their arsenal to bring out the exact vocabulary that will help in describing the subject matter in very clear terms.

Expository Group: Students are expected to carry out deep research that will present the facts and figures aimed at better educating the readers about the topic of the essay.

Persuasive Group: The writer picks and defends a point of view here. The interest of the students should not be expressed but facts before arriving at a conclusion. Every point of the argument should flow naturally through results gotten from the research work.

Choosing The Topic

The above represents the groups that students can write on and you are expected to decide on a particular group before going on to picking the particular topic of your choice. If you want to write under the broad group of narrative essays; you are expected to choose a topic that will provide enough room for research. It might center on the role of luck in the affairs of people.

 If your take is on a research topic; a brilliant approach can be gotten through the topic: “Effects of a virus on the human body”. The topic of your choice under any group that you want to write about should be one that has enough materials to research on.

Where you are finding it difficult to get the right topic on your own; then you can look up to online sources to get the best topic that you can use to fully express yourself.

Final Take

The above are ideas to get the best out of essays and their topics.

5 Effective Visual Argument Analysis Essay Writing Techniques

Traditional methods for writing analysis essays are being overrun by the visual argument. The use of multimedia is quickly becoming the preferred way of effectively delivering information to broader audiences. Still, many students are being taught the traditional methods and are often left in the dark when it comes to creating visual argument analysis essay assignments. The following are five effective techniques for writing great essays in this style:

  1. Think Outside the Box. Be Creative.
  2. Writing a visual argument analysis essay should be fun. You are given an open canvass to express your creativity in a number of ways. Spend time exploring different methods for delivering the information you have found through your research, and identify the one that appeals to your personality the most. The more outside your thinking may be the more likely it will be memorable to others.

  3. Consider a Broader Audience.
  4. Too many students get bogged down with traditional essay writing techniques that they don’t consider the broader audience. You aren’t writing a visual argument essay for just your instructor to read; you want to write your visual argument for your classroom, your department, your discipline, and the public. The further back you zoom out the easier it will be to form your discussion points for the majority.

  5. Incorporate Familiar Examples.
  6. Making a connection is extremely important when it comes to creating a great visual argument analysis essay. And if you have ever watched a television ad or internet video then you should know that incorporating familiar examples is a great way to achieve a connection with the viewer. Incorporate anecdotes, humor, references to things that are broadly familiar to most people. This will make delivering difficult information much easier.

  7. Develop a Personal Essay Script.
  8. You may or may not be asked to present your essay before your class or a general audience. But you should write as though you were. Reading a paper is much different experience than having it read to you. And when someone is simply reading text they don’t appreciate the audience’s need for personal attention. Write your essay as though you were delivering a speech. Keep it light as if you were simply summarizing your ideas to someone in an elevator.

  9. Use Several Multimedia Platforms.
  10. Finally, remember that different people have different preferences when it comes to learning new information. Some people like videos, while others like to hear the information set to a catchy tune or jingle. Use different multimedia platforms to deliver your visual argument analysis essay and you’ll make a stronger connection with your audience every time.

Helpful Directions For Organizing An Appropriate Narrative Essay Outline

Are you always finding yourself spending too much time trying to make your narrative essay easy to understand and to follow structure? Don’t stress, when you will finish reading this article you will learn good advice and tricks how to do it and what are the fastest ways to do it. And if you follow what you have learned from this article and apply it to your task you will see that your work goes much faster and your grade will go up too.

  • Introduction
  • There are couple parts to a good outline of a paper, but everything starts from an introduction. In the first part of your work you have to outline your thesis statement. It will be your main idea of your work so give it a lot of thought beforehand. Don’t be afraid to give it even couple days because you have to find what is interesting to you and what other people might find interesting. If you choose a correct statement you will see that your work goes much faster and is easier to write than before.

  • Main body
  • Make sure to choose at least three main points in this part. Try to expand on them using literature and other sources that you can find. Make sure that use an up to date information about your topic, that way your assignment will have more value and will be more interesting to read which will give you a better grade. Your main statements should be more important than the last one you gave. So make sure to list them to yourself and decide which should go first and which one the last.

  • Conclusion
  • In the last part of your work you should conclude your findings and put them in shorts sentences. Try not to use literature examples and describe them yourself. There should be at least a couple sentences to your main points of article. When you have done that, give your assignment to someone else to read and to give you advice what to revise and what else can be fixed. A good choice would be a teacher or a good friend, but not a bad option would be internet forums or even to hire a tutor to help you.

25 Sample Topics For A Law Argumentative Essay On The Death Penalty

Do you need to complete a law argumentative essay on the death penalty, but have yet to figure out the right title? Then here are 25 topics that you can start with on your next law argumentative essay:

  1. What laws should be changed due to the rise of online bullying?
  2. What are the top 5 outdated laws in 2016?
  3. What are the most underused laws that should be given some focus?
  4. Give a case of how the law was misused by the authorities
  5. Give the most influential law case of the last decade
  6. How can we improve our understanding of the law so that the average person can understand it better
  7. At what point should an individual bring the law into their own hands?
  8. Are there instances where outlaws should be allowed to do what they do?
  9. Give examples of different laws that are easy to corrupt?
  10. By type of people should be put in charge of operating the law?
  11. How can we improve our awareness of the different laws that we have to abide by?
  12. What can be done to help improve our understanding of online laws that cannot be broken?
  13. What 3 key law changes have been made in the last year?
  14. Are the laws related to abortion the right thing for humanity?
  15. Do abortion laws allow enough freedom for the individual to make their choice?
  16. What are the abortion laws that should be changed to allow more freedom?
  17. Are the gun control laws as tight as they could be right now?
  18. What can be done to ensure that you have understood the revenant laws correctly?
  19. How can the law be changed to avoid not guilty people going to prison?
  20. How can guilty prisoners be avoided in the future?
  21. Should there be a law released to decrease the legal driving age?
  22. Should the law allow children to buy fireworks?
  23. Should the law allow drivers to use their phones while driving?
  24. What can be done with the law so that an increasing number of people avoid accidents?
  25. The law too harsh on the poor?

If you still need help, contact professional thesis writers.

Picking Up Intriguing Topics For A Discursive Essay

Getting the right discursive essay topic is vital to your success, but there are wrong ways and right ways to get this right. If you have no idea what these are then you’ll be glad to know that there are a bunch of ways that you can get this right in the content below. Keep in mind while reading these points that they are only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other places where you can get additional help with online dissertation writing, and you should not stop looking for such places to get all of the help that you can.

  • What is of interest to you?
  • There is no point in creating a project that bores you to death, because it will be hard to create content that stands out to the examiner and is in turn worthy of a high quality grade. so when considering the title only go with one that sparks some level of interest that you can develop into something more down the line. It doesn’t have to be as interesting as your main hobby for example, but some level of interest is important to get this right.

  • Level of research you can do
  • The more depth your research has the better your ability to appear to be an expert on the work that you are working on. Without much high quality info it can be hard to get such a project completed with any level of meaning.

    It is always a great idea to be diverse with your information gathering. By taking many different locations into consideration you’ll add more info you your arsenal that in turn can give you a big advantage of the rest of the field.

  • Look at news websites
  • With the hopes of selecting a modern topic that is relevant scour the news websites so that you can have a peek at the different places where titles can be gathered. With so many potential titles out there it should not be hard to find them, but what might be hard is selecting one when you have a bunch of really great ones. So consider this during your next project and your chances of getting the grade you want will no doubt increase.