Essay Topics And Ideas

Students cannot do without writing essays during their days in high school or college. The greatest challenge for students when they want to write essays is getting the right topicfor their essay. It is customary for students to attempt writing on the topic that they have flair for or on a topic that they loved.

There is no singular answer to the question on choosing the best topic, but we are going to talk about filters that students can use to get the best topics that will give them the much desired higher grades in their essays.

First, you have to know the type of essay that you are expected to write before you go on to think about the topic. With certain topics; students find it easy to develop and write their essays. If a student is to write an excellent college admission essay, the student is expected to write in a way that will project the best character. This should be perfectly done if the admission to the first choice university is to be sealed.

Category Of Essay Topics 

A student should as a matter of must fit into a category if the best results ever are to be achieved at the end of every essay. Different essay styles are available and they can be broken down into four major groups as described below:

Narrative Writing Group: This is not popular yet a factor in essay writing. Students are expected to tell a story in chronological order. The explanation of the process is expected to be in a defined order.

Descriptive Group: This type of essay will require the student to go into their arsenal to bring out the exact vocabulary that will help in describing the subject matter in very clear terms.

Expository Group: Students are expected to carry out deep research that will present the facts and figures aimed at better educating the readers about the topic of the essay.

Persuasive Group: The writer picks and defends a point of view here. The interest of the students should not be expressed but facts before arriving at a conclusion. Every point of the argument should flow naturally through results gotten from the research work.

Choosing The Topic

The above represents the groups that students can write on and you are expected to decide on a particular group before going on to picking the particular topic of your choice. If you want to write under the broad group of narrative essays; you are expected to choose a topic that will provide enough room for research. It might center on the role of luck in the affairs of people.

 If your take is on a research topic; a brilliant approach can be gotten through the topic: “Effects of a virus on the human body”. The topic of your choice under any group that you want to write about should be one that has enough materials to research on.

Where you are finding it difficult to get the right topic on your own; then you can look up to online sources to get the best topic that you can use to fully express yourself.

Final Take

The above are ideas to get the best out of essays and their topics.