Gun Control Essay: Brilliant How-to Guide

Gun control does not decrease gun ownership by criminals but instead reduces their incentives to refrain from violence because it decreases the supply of armed law-abiding citizens who might resist them. – John McGinnis

Gun control is a topic that becomes more and more discussible over a certain period. The tragic incidents prove that some individuals must not have access to the gun. Yet, being without the defense is not right either.

There are several gun-type essays:

  • A descriptive essay focuses on how the discussed topic influences the individual.
  • A definition gun control essay is an expanded version of a dictionary article.
  • Compare and contrast gun essay describes the differences between anti-gun and pro-gun control.
  • Cause and effect gun control essay explain a particular gun control-related effect and its cause.
  • The narrative essay on gun control is about the general experience of gun control.
  • Process gun control essay is focused on how to solve a certain problem.
  • The argumentative gun control essay needs to analyze the writer’s point in an evidence-based manner.
  • Critical essay on gun control outlines the strongest and weakest points on gun control policy.
  • The expository gun control essay presents the problem in regards to the current control debate.
  • Persuasive gun control essay is focused on the major arguments and other oppressive opinions.

The federal government keeps on never-ending discussions concerning gun control. The European nations that ban guns have a decreased level of homicide. In Canada, there is a law that states that all guns are to be registered, enforced control, banned certain types of guns that also decreased the criminal rate. In Japan and Great Britain, gun violence is reduced by contrast monitoring.

If you are to write a gun and control paper, there is a need to understand that gun control does not mean taking guns at all. The law or system of laws that bans the use of a definite type of guns and puts restrictions on the ones who have a right to buy guns. It should be emphasized that the person will have an opportunity to protect themselves from violence, still, the type of gun will be changed for more moderate. 

The audience should be aware that the appropriate opinion with the right arguments and evidence in the form of statistics, interview, survey etc. will be of great value. 

Likewise, in pro-gun papers, there is a need to describe that more guns cause an increased rate of violence. It may be additionally stated that it is necessary to stop the wrong people from having guns and to revise the Second Amendment to prevent human tragedies.

In anti-gun control papers, the focus is on the explanation of how gun control is not the answer, but education is. The major impact on gun culture marketing has cartoons and subliminal mass media control. 

The gun paper must be capturing, specific and thoroughly planned. The major step is to gather the appropriate information. 

In the introduction, you may state that for example, during the last 5 years the level of gun violence has increased significantly.